Dr. Chris Honey

Hardcover book with the title The Tenth Nerve and a photo of a scalpel.

The Tenth Nerve

Riveting and dramatic, The Tenth Nerve offers a rare window into the world of a pre-eminent neurosurgeon and the seven exceptional patients that made him a better person.

“The scalpel can only go so deep, and technical skill can only take one so far.”

Combining a humane perspective, lively anecdotes, and a deep curiosity about the uncharted territories of the human brain, The Tenth Nerve is a richly fascinating memoir that will fill you with wonder.


Photo of Dr. Honey, Neurosurgeon and Canadian Author

Dr. Chris Honey

Dr. Chris Honey is a neurosurgeon at Vancouver General Hospital and Head of the Division of Neurosurgery at the University of British Columbia. He obtained his medical degree from the University of Toronto and his doctoral degree from Oxford University as a Canadian Rhodes Scholar. Dr. Honey lives in Vancouver with his family.

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